Lower Lee (Cork City) Flood Relief Scheme

Project Info Reports

Click on the relevant flood defence plan area to view Public Exhibition drawings & photomontages

Please note that all of the drawings and photomontages as shown are as exhibited to the public in December 2016. Further updates to the design following feedback from the public have not been incorporated into the interactive map.



Please click on the relevant plan area in the above web viewer to download the drawings relevant to that area. These drawings include:

  • Flood Defence Plan
  • Flood Defence Work Sections
  • Flood Defence Work Finishes
  • Access Routes and Work Areas
  • Photomontages (where applicable)
  • Flood Extents and Benefitting Areas
  • Designated Washlands/Floodplains
  • Channel Codes

The drawings linked in the web viewer above should be read in conjunction with the relevant scheme wide drawings here.

Alternatively you can download the complete set of Exhibition Drawings here and the complete set of Photomontages here


The individual photomontages can be accessed by clicking on the relevant file in the third column below. The existing and proposed view at each location have been combined into one file (gif file).

View and Location View Orientation File showing exisiting and proposed view
Inchigaggin Lane junction on Carrigrohane Road Looking north

Photomontage 1

Lee fields west from Carrigrohane Road Looking west

Photomontage 2

Lee Fields east (Car Park) from Carrigrohane Road Looking west

Photomontage 3

Lee Fields (Kingsley Hotel) from Carrigrohane Road Looking east

Photomontage 4

Lee Fields (Kingsley Hotel) from Carrigrohane Road Looking east

Photomontage 5

Kingsley and County Hall from Sacred Heart Looking west

Photomontage 6

Victoria Cross Pedestrian Bridge Looking west

Photomontage 7

Sunday's Well Road Looking south east

Photomontage 8

Daly's (Shakey) Bridge Upstream (west)

Photomontage 9

Daly's (Shakey) Bridge Downstream (east)

Photomontage 10

Fitzgeralds Park 1 - Ferry Walk Entrance Looking east

Photomontage 11

Fitzgeralds Park 2 - West Looking east

Photomontage 12

Fitzgeralds Park 3 - Mid Looking east

Photomontage 13

Fitzgeralds Park 4 - East Looking north

Photomontage 14

Fitzgeralds Park 5 - Café Looking north

Photomontage 15

Mardyke Walk Skate Park Looking north

Photomontage 16

Mardyke Pedestrain Bridge Upstream (west)

Photomontage 17

Grenville Place from Mercy Hospital Looking north west

Photomontage 18

North Mall west Looking east)

Photomontage 20

St. Vincents Bridge from Sundays Well Road Looking east

Photomontage 21

North Mall from Bachelors Quay Looking north

Photomontage 22

North Gate Bridge/Griffith Bridge from Kyrl's Quay Looking west

Photomontage 23

Cornmarket Street Pedestrian Bridge from Kyrl's Quay Looking east

Photomontage 24

Cornmarket Street Pedestrian Bridge to Christy Ring Bridge Looking east

Photomontage 25

Christy Ring Bridge from St. Patricks Bridge Looking west

Photomontage 26

Lavitt's Quay from St Patricks Street Looking west

Photomontage 27

Merchants Quay Looking north east

Photomontage 29

Brian Boru Bridge from Bus Station Looking north

Photomontage 30

Anderson's Quay Looking north east

Photomontage 31

Custom House Street Looking north

Photomontage 32

Penrose Quay from Michael Collins Bridge Looking east

Photomontage 33

Albert Quay East Looking east

Photomontage 34

Clontarf Bridge from Clontarf Street Looking south

Photomontage 35

Lapp's Quay Looking west

Photomontage 36

Albert Quay from Clontarf Bridge Looking east

Photomontage 37

Lapp's Quay junction with Parnell Place Looking east

Photomontage 38

Terence McSweeny Quay from Parnell Bridge Downstream (east)

Photomontage 39

Morrison's & Union Quay from Parnell Bridge Upstream (west)

Photomontage 40

Trinity Footbridge from South Terrace Looking north

Photomontage 41

Fr. Matthew & George's Quay from Parliament Bridge Downstream (east)

Photomontage 42

Grand Parade Boardwalk Looking west

Photomontage 43

Sullivan's Quay Looking north west

Photomontage 44

Grand Parade & Sullivans Quay from Nano Nagle Bridge Downstream (east)

Photomontage 45

Nano Nagle Bridge from Grand Parade Looking south

Photomontage 46

South Gate Bridge & Sullivan's Quay from French's Quay Looking east

Photomontage 47

Wandesford Quay & Crawford Hall from Clarke's Bridge Upstream (west)

Photomontage 48

St. Finbarr's Bridge from Washington Street Looking south west

Photomontage 49

UCC Entrance on Western Road Looking west

Photomontage 50

Study Area

The study area consists of:

All areas potentially prone to flooding from the River Lee downstream of Inniscara dam to the discharge of the River Lee into Cork Harbour adjacent to Páirc Uí Chaoimh.

Tributaries prone to flooding due to a backwater effect from the River Lee are also included.

Additional areas where works may potentially be carried out to assist with provision of flood relief measures in the areas described above.

Study area map