Lower Lee (Cork City) Flood Relief Scheme
(Incorporating the Lower Lee (Cork City) Drainage Scheme and the River Bride (Blackpool) Certified Drainage Scheme)

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Given the long history of flooding in Cork City and Blackpool, and having carried out a Catchment Flood Risk Assessment and Management (CFRAM) Study for the Lee Catchment, the Office of Public Works (OPW) recognises the high levels of existing flood risk in and around Cork City and Blackpool. The Draft Catchment Flood Risk Management Plan was published in February 2010, and identified a preferred option for the alleviation of flood risk in Cork City along the Lower Lee. It did not identify a scheme for Blackpool. However, significant flooding occurred in Blackpool in 2012 and highlighted the need for flood protection measures.

To progress the implementation of flood risk management measures for Cork City and Blackpool, the OPW commissioned Arup in conjunction with JBA Consulting to develop a flood relief scheme for Cork City and Blackpool. The OPW has also commissioned Ryan Hanley Consulting Engineers and McCarthy Keville O'Sullivan to assist with the environmental aspects of the project.

Subsequently, it was decided to deliver the Lower Lee and Blackpool flood relief schemes as separate and distinct schemes.

This website has been set up to provide information to members of the public and to keep you informed of the progress of both schemes.

The Lower Lee (Cork City) Scheme will consist of:

The scheme was identified as a viable flood risk management option with respect to flooding from both riverine (fluvial) and tidal sources in the Lee Catchment Flood Risk Management Plan.

The Blackpool Scheme will consist of flood defence measures and conveyance improvements in Blackpool, in particular along Commons Road and in Blackpool Village.

More Information on the Lower Lee (Cork City) Flood Relief Scheme can be found here.


More Information on the Bride (Blackpool) Flood Relief Scheme can be found here.


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